Blockchain Step by Step Quick Guide
  • What is the Blockchain

  • What is an exchange and how do I use it?

  • What is a wallet and how do I set it up? 

  • Analyze and buy cryptocurrencies

The Blockchain Academy’s knowledge offering includes the following:

Blockchain technology cryptocurrencies: 

One of the core concerns of our academy is to show you how you can benefit from the technologies and use cryptocurrencies for wealth creation, thus enabling you to make an optimal transition to the cashless era.

Here’s how to become successful: 

This Quick Guide will let you grow into an expert in the crypto and blockchain space, giving you an excellent introduction to these technologies. Through the knowledge you gain, you will have the skills to assess and evaluate the situation on your own. To ensure that this is successful, we have developed a comprehensive basic concept for you, which provides seamless information on all the relevant topics and steps for getting started today.

After the course:

You will gain important basic knowledge about

how to register with relevant exchanges (stock exchanges)

How to buy cryptocurrencies independently

How to send and receive cryptocurrencies

how to install and configure a wallet

Evaluate cryptocurrencies based on the „use case“

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One-time payment

129,- €
  • 24/7 immediate access